Additional notes on DevOps Bunker - Multi-Disciplinary Lessons for Online Collaboration

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Additional Notes from my presentation from the Devops Bunker - 16th April 2020

( basically, things I didn’t have time to include )

The latest CyberWeekly newsletter from Michael Brunton-Spall covers what technology choice. And is worth subscribing to anyway.

This guide from Tristam Oaten will help you optimise your home set up, something I haven’t done yet.

I didn’t explain the point about a video conferencing interface being as disconcerting as well as I wanted to, this article is a good description .

My thoughts on pre-recording online presentations

Why you should record them in advance:

  1. You can upload them in advance, circumventing any issues with your connectivity, availability, environment, or technology.

  2. You can see how you’ll appear and sound to everyone else in advance, and how it will work, rather than relying on feedback from colleagues, or friends and family, if you can make the time to practice.

  3. You’ll get used to hearing and seeing how you really look, rather than how you think you look. I’ve still got some way to go on this, I can watch myself in bursts, but only if I make myself quite quiet. Try it, see how you feel.

Why you should not record them in advance:

  1. Editing is a lot harder, your presentation is an audio track with exact timing, not just slides.

  2. Editing is a lot harder, it’s easier to move things slides around in LibreOffice or Powerpoint then a video editor.

  3. Editing has to finish a lot earlier, so you can’t slip in last minute references to current events, or things you just thought of.

  4. Most of us have put something together in Powerpoint or an equivalent product, less of us have used a video editor, so the learning curve is steeper.

  5. I feels like the output should be slicker than if you just gave the presentation “live”. My uploaded, pre-recorded presentation is alright for a presentation, but as it’s pre-recorded I compare it to the more polished YouTubers I’ve seen with their video essays. Of course I can’t match that standard, and don’t need to. But I don’t know what viewers think or expect.

  6. The overall workflow is harder, the scripting/planning first, then having an idea of what images you’ll use before you do the audio, but then finding images for things you said, and so on…


So should you record your presentations in advance? Having done it, I’m still not sure. I think you should try it, but make sure you give yourself more than enough time.


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