About Us

Why We are Different

Bringing you an innovative and uncommon multi-disciplinary approach, we'll listen to your requirements before suggesting a solution.

Our services aren't pre-packaged, we adapt to what you want to achieve, rather than try to squeeze you into the template of what we already offer.

There is nothing to upsell, we are ready to work with others or co-ordinate with associates.

Why Choose Us

For Cyber Security services Path Dependence's Principal Security Consultant brings over two decades of online security knowledge, along with the experience from having been a CHECK Team Leader and PCI Qualified Security Assessor.

What You Get

A different solution to those you've tried before, with the aim of improving your situation to such a degree you don't need to hire us any more. Path Dependence is platform and vendor agnostic, and will recommend the right solution for you.

Meet The Energy

"Meet The Energy" says the template... We will provide you with an enthusiastic and confident service. Sometimes Relentless Optimism isn't the most realistic approach to a situation, but it can be the most effective to enable change.


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