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We offer a range of services to help your business understand the situation its in, from wargame design and facilitation to more general advice on strategy and decisions.

Please contact us if you have questions, or to confirm what your bespoke version of the services would be.

Business Wargame Design and Facilitation.
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business strategy wargames
Explore your business decisions before needing to make them under time pressure.
Cyber Wargame Design and Facilitation.
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cyber wargaming
How sure are you that your Incident Response Playbook will work during a real incident?
Cyber security strategy advisor
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cyber consulting
I can help you put the pieces together. Sharp Insights for Decisive Action - Elevate your cyber strategy with focused solution thinking. Unveil threats, prioritise risks, and foresee outcomes.
Penetration Test Advisory Service
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cyber pentesting consulting
How to use penetration testers effectively and make the most out of your investment in penetration testing.
Critical Friend
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consulting in development
Provocative questioning to foresee problems with your plan before you implement that plan.
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consulting experimental
Sometimes you just want to talk.