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Cyber security strategy advisor

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cyber consulting

A trusted adviser for your decisions #

It always helps to have a “external security brain” to run a plan or a strategy past, an outside view regardless of your in-house talent. Someone who knows the field, but doesn’t have a vested interest in your decision. We might spot an assumption you’ve missed and save you from future harm; we might agree that you’re making the best choices, and just help you sleep a little easier at night.

The service has been useful to different sizes of organisations, from very small companies just wanting to check they’re taking the basic precautions, to CISOs wanting someone outside of their influence to help them think through their strategy.

Who do you trust? #

Cyber security is a vendor led industry, often the same people providing the advice are providing the service required by that advice. Navigating a field seemingly made entirely of sales and marketing can be difficult. We’ll help you think through your plans, and help you ask the right questions of suppliers.

When we don’t have the answers, we know the people who do. If you want an expert in a specific field, for example penetration testing, or the very latest variation of cloud services, we’ll help you find the right person with the right credentials.

The service usually takes the form of scheduled video calls, with some briefing on the required subjects. Other communication mediums can be used, depending on your preferences.

Your next step #

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll start working with you on what kind of service will suit your needs.


Penetration Test Advisory Service
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cyber pentesting consulting
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