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Cyber Wargame Design and Facilitation.

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cyber wargaming

How do you know if your Incident Response Playbook will work in a real incident? #

We can provide an environment for you to practice your incident response plans and playbooks, bespoke to your particular team, environment, and concerns.

We design and run scalable wargames to help you anticipate and rehearse your organisation’s response to its next cyber incident. We call these “wargames” as they are based on the format and methodology of professional wargaming, meaning that the situation evolves - including the actions of the adversary - in response to the players’ decisions.

These can be an exercise if that’s what your organisation needs, but they’re not multiple choice, there are no pre-determined outcomes. These are iterative actions, with one or more of the other parties in your situation being modelled or role-played separately.

There are three reasons to run a cyber wargame: #

  • Rehearsal - you have an incident response plan, but do you know if your runbooks will work in practice? Either we can help you answer that with a confident “yes!”, or help you see where more resources or practice is needed.

  • Plan - a structured or free-form exercise simulating the planned introduction of a new solution into your estate. Work through a change in your environment before you sign that contract, have you thought of how the new purchase will affect your existing methods?

  • Strategy - playthroughs of your intended actions, potentially as you put together a playbook for facing real world incidents. Have you thought through your adversaries plans, actions, and expected responses? A wargame is an ideal way to work through an incident from one or both sides of the confrontation.

For all of the reasons above, a wargame enables you to play through a situation at the speed required, or simply pause the game if you want to drill down into a specific decision or issue.

We emphasise running these exercises remotely, to reflect the normal operation of your organisation, but hybrid and onsite events can also be provided.

Your next step #

Contact us with your requirement and we’ll start working with you on a solution.


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