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As you can see from the “experimental” tag, this is the concept of a service. Should this service exist? Who should offer it?

The planned service would be a conversation, between two humans: Nick Drage, and you.

Who do you turn to when you’ve a problem to share, or just many things going on, and you want some clarity on the subject?

You’ve got a lot on your mind at work, and you want to just talk about it, and maybe get a second viewpoint.

You don’t want to reciprocate, you’ve got enough to deal with without taking on someone else’s burden. You would rather pay someone for their time and opinion on your situation, rather than be rude to an industry peer, or friend, when they bring up a similar situation in their own life after helping you.

But you don’t need a life coach, or any other coach, you don’t want homework, and a list of things to work on at the end of the conversation.

There’s no requirement to improve, this isn’t therapy. This service is aimed at discussing your work situation, but your personal life isn’t completely separate to that, as much as we might like it to be sometimes.

Path Dependence considered offering this service using Nick Drage, who’s often described as a “good listener” who asks “wonderful questions”. The subject of this kind of service has come up in conversations before, most recently with Ann Marie Newton while discussion her Innovation Guide and similar services.

But a good listener isn’t a professional listener, the maze of liability requirements is difficult to navigate, and asking Nick - with an aptitude for consultancy - to not offer advice and not try to solve problems is not a viable solution.


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